Getting Started with MateCat

  What you need to work in MateCat 1. A browser (Chrome or Safari) 2. An internet connection That’s it!   1. Create your translation project Projects can easily be created in MateCat: Visit Choose the language combination(s)  Upload

MateCat Home Page

The MateCat home page allows users to quickly create translation projects in all the language combinations and file formats supported by the platform, and to create or select translation memories and glossaries. To create your translation projects: Choose the language

MateCat Login Option

You can use MateCat by visiting with Chrome or Safari. You can use it for free and even as an anonymous user. However, logging in gives you some advantages: Manage your projects in the Manage Panel Manage your private

Translation Process

The translation process is divided into the following phases: 1) Creating a project: from the MateCat home page ( you can select the source and target language(s) and add the file(s) to translate. By clicking on Settings a new window