Adding comments to your translation jobs

MateCat is the ideal tool for collaborative translations: you can split jobs with multiple translators, share translation memories and glossaries updated in real time, and you can also perform translation and revision at the same time.

In order to make collaboration even easier, we have just added a new feature to MateCat: comments!

Comments in MateCat

You can now leave a comment for the project owner or for your colleagues or even a note for yourself on each segment in a MateCat job. Notifications of new comments are sent via email to logged in users and are also displayed in the top right corner. Check that new speech bubble icon: if it’s white, someone left a comment for you!

Comments notification

Automatically copy all source content to target segments

When the user copies source to target three times, MateCat displays a message asking the user if he/she would like to copy all source segments to the target. When the user accepts, all target segments are populated with the source content. If the user doesn’t accept, the counter is reset and MateCat will ask the user again after three more copy source.

Copy source to target

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