How does the comments feature work?

MateCat users can leave comments for discussion on collaborative projects, as notes for themselves, or for the project owner for each segment. Here is more info.

How can I visualize all the comments at once?

If the speech bubble icon at the top right corner of the screen is white, there are comments in the project. To visualize all the comments in a project at once, click on the bubble icon. To see each individual comment, click on the “View Thread” link for the comment you would like to go to.

How can I reply to a comment?

Follow the instructions above to view all the comments, then click on “View Thread” under the comment you would like to reply to. You will be taken directly to the segment with the comment, where there is a text box for you to insert your reply.

Can I leave a comment in the source text when it is full of mistakes?

The comments feature can be used for both target and source segments.

Can I leave a comment with instructions for the translator in each segment?


How can I delete/change a comment I added to a segment? I can only mark it as resolved but I can’t delete it.

It is impossible to delete or edit a comment. You should just add another comment asking those involved in the project to ignore the one you wanted to delete/edit.

Can I add a comment and read comments from other colleagues without signing in?

Yes, but you will not receive email notifications for the new comments.

How can I visualize comments during a collaboration?

All the people involved in a translation project (the person who uploaded the file and the translator(s) working on the translation) can add comments and each person is notified via email if they have logged in.
Here is more info.

Can I search for a term within comments?


Another translator has added 2 comments, but I can only see one.

This is because one of the two comments has been resolved (which means that it has been closed by clicking on the resolve button), so it doesn’t appear on the right side of the segment. You can still visualize the comment by clicking on the bubble icon in the top bar and then “View Thread” for the comment you would like to see.

Is it possible to disable the email notifications or change the email address used for the notifications?

Not at the moment, new features may be added in the future.

Who should reply to the comments, the translator (me) or the proof reader?

From a technical point of view, anyone can answer the comments. It mostly depends on what the comments are about; the comments should be used to communicate with other people collaborating on the project or even to leave a note for yourself as the translator.